- melanie and patrick

Booking Stephanie for our wedding was honestly one of the biggest blessings and we didn’t even know it. We thought we were just getting a photographer with our desired photography style, but we got so much more. Let me start out by saying her attitude and personality is something you don’t find everyday, she took the time and energy to ensure that we felt as special as possible even weeks before our wedding date. You can tell that once you hire her as your photographer, it almost feels like you join her family. She also has amazing resources available. For example, our officiant cancelled a few days prior to our wedding due to covid and she recommended another that not only did an excellent job but also took the stress out of searching around.
Now for the most important part of the review, her level of craftsmanship, Stephanie was able to facilitate a level of comfort that again makes you feel like you’re just around your close friends. She works fast and meticulously making the most of the time that you have her for. She fits in every amazing detail shot, every family picture, and every loving moment shared between the bride and groom in a way that has you thinking “Woah, when did she have time to capture all this?!”. (SHE’S AMAZING!) We were AMAZED when we saw the final gallery and again felt extremely blessed to have had the opportunity to have her there for us. All in all, if you are looking for a photographer for your wedding, do yourself a favor and BOOK HER!

We were amazed when we saw the final gallery and felt extremely blessed.

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