You’ll pretty quickly get to know a few things about me - I absolutely love glowy, natural light and let the magical sunshine guide my sessions. I am obsessed with my Boxer dog, Eva, who loves peanut butter almost as much as I do. Most likely, I’ll have a quote or song lyrics in mind that resonate your vibe and it will probably end up in a caption on social media. I’ve collected quotes and lyrics my entire life like they’re little gems I can keep in a box and pull out when I need a little pick-me-up.
We will probably chat about your favorite TV shows because my love of Gilmore Girls, Law & Order SVU, and Queer Eye runs deep. Please tell me about your travel bucket list since I spend a good portion of my time dreaming about the next trip my husband and I can go on. We love exploring other cultures, history, and landscapes. My severe wanderlust is up to 30 places to visit, so if you’ve been to one of them,
do. not. leave. one. detail. out.

Hi there! To me, photos are personal collections of moments and I love the trust we create during sessions. When you look back at these pictures I want you to think “I loved that day.” 

photographer & adventurer 

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Xo, Stephanie

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"Steph was a gem to work with. Extremely nice, funny, and professional!

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I love genuine emotion and reactions in photos, so you can trust me to guide you through it. You worry about having fun, and I’ll take care of making you look your best! My own personal snapshots feel like a peek into what brings my soul joy and what lights my soul on fire with passion and happiness. I want to gift you that same feeling through your gallery too. Let’s get your joy + passion captured together.

Fueling Our Souls

Raise a Glass

We believe that life's biggest and smallest moments are worth celebrating. You'll always find a bottle of champagne in our fridge in the event that the night deserves a bit of celebrating!

Fueling Our Souls

Pop the Bubbly

isn't always better. We're big fans of spending the afternoon sifting through antique shops and secondhand stores for timeless pieces with secret stories. Our favorite find? A vintage pair of Jimmy's!

Fueling Our Souls

Something Vintage

Part of the reason I love photographs is to capture both travel memories and seasons of life. Have you ever gotten the feeling where you see a photo and are transported to that exact moment in time? You can feel your emotions, remember how the weather felt, and faintly smell what the air was like? I am a strong believer that memories deserve careful preservation. To me, your sessions are all about capturing your laughs and best angles, so when you look back on your session for decades to come, you think “I loved that day.”

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