You’ll pretty quickly get to know a few things about me - I absolutely love glowy, natural light and let the magical sunshine guide my sessions. I am obsessed with my Boxer dog, Eva, who loves peanut butter almost as much as I do. 
We will probably chat about your favorite TV shows because my love of Gilmore Girls, Law & Order SVU, and Queer Eye runs deep. Please tell me about your travel bucket list since I spend a good portion of my time dreaming about the next trip my husband and I can go on. We love exploring other cultures, history, and landscapes. My severe wanderlust is up to 30 places to visit, so if you’ve been to one of them, do. not. leave. one. detail. out.
I love genuine emotion and reactions in photos, so you can trust me to guide you through it each step of the way. You worry about having fun, and I’ll take care of making you look your best! As passionate feminist, LGBTQ+ ally, and an inclusive photographer of ALL love stories, I am a huge proponent of marrying your best friend, in your own way. My own personal snapshots feel like a peek into what lights my soul on fire with passion and happiness. I want to gift you that same feeling. Let’s capture what brings you joy, together.

Photos are a personal collection of moments and I love the trust that we create during sessions. With an emphasis on romantic, timeless imagery, and an eye for small details, I want your photographs to stand the test of time and be passed down for generations.

photographer & adventurer 

I'm Stephanie


I've got you!

Xo, Stephanie

- solo GORLEKU

"Steph was a gem to work with. Extremely nice, funny, and professional!

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There is nothing better than getting outside, taking a deep breath, and feeling some sun on your skin. I started visiting National Parks as a child with my family and never stopped. My husband and I are exploring as many states as we can, and one of our favorite things to do is choose a beautiful location and go out on a hike. He pushes me to do some grueling ones, but as Edward Abbey said, "may they lead to the most amazing view." I never feel more at peace than in the forest or at the top of a mountain peak.

what fuels my soul

Nature and Fresh Air

I always thought people who drank tea instead of coffee were so sophisticated and fancy. I got hooked on unwinding at the end of the day with a cup of hot peppermint tea, and now I realize I can be fancy too! Just kidding I am still normal, but a girl can pretend she is royalty! A true night owl, sometimes it's hard for me to turn off work, but once I have my tea, a book on my Kindle, and my lavender pillow spray - it's bed time! 

what fuels my soul

A Book and Tea Time

Before I was a wedding photographer, I got married to this guy in my dorm. :) The first time I spoke to Mike he was super sick so I brought him ginger ale, and now whenever he isn't feeling well I get him some. We had a tiny wedding, with no live florals (gasp!), no hired photographer (my brother kindly took our photos), and a first look when they were still a bit taboo. I would do it the same, again and again. I'm a huge proponent of marrying your best friend, in a way that makes you happy. Your wedding will be so special, because the two of you spent it how you wanted. 

what fuels my soul

Being True to You

My perfect day would be waking up to a clean space, making a home cooked meal from scratch that inspires me, picking out fresh wild flowers, a walk outside with my pup and husband, a spruce cinnamon candle burning, seeing my nieces and nephew, having a fluffy TV show on, and taking a nap all snuggled on the couch. It sounds simple, and that's because it is. It's the same reason I love clean and romantic photography - it's simple, but it's true and pure and everything your day was.

what fuels my soul

the Little Things

- For decor I love minimalism, and a mix of cozy + mid-century decor, and a lot of plant friends
- Using smaller bins inside drawers is my organization JAM. When everything has a spot I'm thriving. 
- Being a proud ginger makes me very picky
about editing skin tones. 
- The right and left sides of my brain like to fight for attention. I majored in Finance and Economics at USF, but also need my creative outlets (ahem, my job now).
-Neurotic dog mom here! For years I pinned photos of Boxers. Now, I post photos of mine every single day.
-I love to cook and I'm trying to be a #soupqueen

what fuels my soul

Rapid Fire Bits

Part of the reason I love photography is to capture both travel memories and seasons of life. Have you ever gotten the feeling where you see a photo and are transported to that exact moment in time? You can feel your emotions, remember how the weather felt on your skin, and even hear what you were listening to in the background? I am a strong believer that memories deserve careful preservation. When I was young, I used to look out the window on road trips and blink to capture a certain scene. My love of revisiting moments through imagery grew stronger in those blinks. To me, your sessions are all about capturing your laughs and best angles, so when you look back on your session for decades to come, you think “I loved that day.”

it started with a blink...

my "why"

the heart behind what i do

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